Great book about the sustainability of modular construction…

If you want to learn more about modular construction, I highly recommend the books by author Sheri Koones.  Her most recent book, Prefabulous + Sustainable: Building and Customizing an Affordable, Energy-Efficient Home, she shows just how beautiful and green modular homes can be. 

Here are some reviews of the book:

“Sheri Koones has written another important book on the value of building Prefab-this one clearly explaining the enormous sustainability benefits of the process. Prefab, she explains, is intrinsically green for many reasons, but especially because there is so much less waste in the manufacturing process than in a standard site built home.  The book illustrates some exceptionally beautiful prefabricated homes from around the country, all of them pointing to the fact that a well designed and built prefab home is a superior house and a more planet friendly alternative to the standard way of building. It’s time that more of us were building this way.  Sheri is showing us how.”  Sarah Susanka, FAIA, architect and author of The Not So Big House series and The Not So Big Life

“Sheri Koones taught us in Prefabulous that prefab is no longer synonymous with trailers and double-wides.  With this book she is sharing a more important revelation, prefab offers an attractive, affordable path to green solutions.  It’s a convincing story about accomplishing more for less—more style, health, efficiency, sustainability and livability with less waste, energy, water, maintenance, time and cost.  I wish it had been available for the rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, and for Greensburg KS and know it will soon become required reading for anyone interested in quality housing for the 21st Century.”  Bob Berkebile, FAIA

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