The Pain of Visiting Model Homes; Our Solution

Scoping out model homes can be a great way to jumpstart the process of planning for a new home. Many prospective customers get excited to find out what they like and what options are out there – even to gain decorating ideas!

One of the things we hear from many people is that when they visit model homes (in many locations), they’re not in the best condition. Namely, the trim is splitting, drywall is cracked, items are broken or missing…it’s not perfect, as it should be. Why would someone display a model home in such a condition, especially when it’s supposed to represent the best a company can do?

We try to do better by offering an actual factory tour for our potential customers. Think about it – you’re visiting the real factory that would build your home and furthermore, you can see the homes being built! The tour is conducted inside of a dry, climate-controlled factory just 90 minutes south of Albany in Dutchess County (Wingdale, NY).

If you’ve researched modular construction, seen photos or videos, and are interested in more, a factory tour is a really great way to continue the planning process. Nothing comes close to being in the factory and being able to ask questions or voice your concerns. There are also two model homes on site! If you’re ready for a tour, contact us to learn more and register.

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